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State Board of Education Supports Education Opportunity Act

New Members Sworn In at State Board Meeting

State Board Adopts Regulations, Proposes Others

Grant Applications for 21st Century Community Learning Centers

A competitive grant opportunity for funds to support out-of-school-time programs. Apply for Grant!

State Board Supports Repeal of Graduation Exam

Alaska selects new assessment contractor

State withdraws from Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium

ASPI Media Packet 2013

State Board Adopts New Accountability System for Public Schools

Alaska's ESEA Flexibility Waiver Information

State Board Adopts New Regulations for Educator Evaluations

Under the regulations, districts will evaluate whether a teacher is exemplary, proficient, basic or unsatisfactory on each of seven content standards and on student growth. 4 AAC 04.200(f). Educator Evaluations

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Alaska Student Loan Information

The Alaska Commission on Postsecondary Education (ACPE) promotes access to and success in education and career training beyond high school. As part of that mission, it offers low-cost student education loans to supplement federal loans, family education loans, and alternative consolidation loans through the AlaskAdvantage Loan Program®.

In addition to providing education planning resources, and information about grants and scholarships, ACPE’s web site offers online user account services, including electronic loan applications and detailed loan information. You can securely apply for loans, manage your account, and make payments.

Go to to learn more or to apply for your AlaskAdvantage education loan online.AlaskAdvantage Loan Program Logo